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The Covid-19 Coloring Book Project

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The Covid-19 Relief Coloring Book


The Covid-19 Relief Coloring Book Project

With the goal of helping those struggling with grief and mental health during the COVID19 pandemic.

Deirdre Levy began working on this project after experiencing loss early in March 2020 before the pandemic became widespread in NYC. She thought that the government was not doing enough to help people going through grief. 

Deirdre connected with local artist AJ Lavilla who submitted and helped compile the coloring book. Many artists decided to contribute their pieces for free with the hope that people will find peace in this time of crisis.

Deirdre has decided to dedicate “Hold On Pain Ends” to her NYC DOE colleagues that were lost during the week of March 30, 2020, Mrs. Sandra Santos Vizcaino and Mr. Rulx Dagus. Deirdre hopes that people can channel their energy into hope that COVID19 will come to an end.



Special education teacher in the City Council

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Deirdre Levy

Deirdre Levy is running for City Council in 2021- District 35, in Brooklyn, New York. She is a born and raised New Yorker, NYC DOE 3rd Grade ICT teacher, is an advocate for affordability, food and nutrition in NYC.

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